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A PLETHORA of Event Planners and Event Types

When people think "Event Planner" they immediately think party or wedding.

However, the the profession of Event Planning is MUCH wider. Corporate events, fairs, festivals, Daycare Centers, City Celebrations, Tradeshows, Retirement Homes, Reunions, Social Events, Travel and Excursions, Meetings, Conventions, Conferences, Fundraisers, Galas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and the list of EVENTS goes on and on.

Each of these event types, requires a different skills set. Yes, of course there is overlap, But generally speaking, each event types has its own expertise requirements.

Next time someone tells you there are in the Event Industry let your mind run wild with possibilities and think of the Event Planner as a Magician.

Magic in Any Event.



Steve Hart - Magician, Speaker and Life Coach

PoppedCorn - Sweet Treats

Las Vegas Tonight Inc


Event Vendor Showcase

Synergy Collaborative


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