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FIND: Caterers near me [Your City]

MINNEAPOLIS Caterers Near Me

I live in Minneapolis and have been here most all my life. So if you are seraching for caterers near you, you will find them near me also. LOL 

Event Planners are always in need of food and beverage for their events, so a simple search for ' caterers near me ' will turn up a PLETHORA (yep, there's my favorite word again) of caterers all over the Twin Cities.

Chowgirls Catering 

This was the first catering company that popped up when I did a Google search here in Minneapolis.  Mini event planners waiting on caterers to help them make their life easier when planning their weddings and events.  Chowgirls came onto the scene and rapidly became a very well-known caterer here in Minneapolis. They are women owned, award-winning and serve weddings, socials and corporate events.  If you need space for your event, they also have exclusive venues like the Solar Arts Building.

Whole Foods Market Catering

Yes, did you know that Whole Foods does catering. They can help make your event delicious beautiful and with their catering menu Whole Foods Market can help. They specialize in graduation parties, business meetings, cocktail parties, and they will also do weddings.


Classic Catering

This catering company as well known for their reasonable prices they also have a large selection of food and options for service.  They are big advocates of personal and professional service so you can be well assured that the details will be taken care of at your event. Classic Catering is very committed to the uniqueness of your event and being sure your guests are well attended to.

The Caterers

Their name speaks for themselves. They are “the caterers“. Their theme is eat well and be happy. The passion for cooking and food is running deep with this team. The food is distinct Mediterranean flavor with some of Persian cuisine also.  They have over 40 years in the hospitality business. They will provide you with delicious food and great service for your next event. 

Deco Catering

This catering company is a premier Minnesota caterer founded by Solie Anderson in 1982. She started as the Art Deco restaurant in Saint Paul.  Deco Catering has been featured on Martha Stewart Living and other magazines and also some TV shows like the Food Network. Some clients include Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama and the King and Queen of Norway.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Catering

Hosting a birthday party, corporate event or wedding? Or maybe a family reunion? Ben & Jerry’s Catering will turn your social gathering into an ice cream extravaganza. They will set it up, and clean it up so that you can enjoy the party. Ben and Jerry was an exhibitor at the 2019 Event EXPO.


Keys Cafe Catering

Keys Café will not only cater the food at your event if you’re looking for a venue, they have private rooms available at their White Bear Lake location also there St. Paul downtown Robert Street location. Also an exhibitor at the 2019 Minnesota Event EXPO.


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