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Minnesuing Acres brings Companies, Families, and Friends Closer Together

If having your next conference, retreat, or event at a secluded Northern Wisconsin lodge you can call your own sounds like a big idea, discover Minnesuing Acres. The Curtis L. Carlson family, invite you to enjoy exclusive use of their private getaway, Corporate Conference Center, and Executive Retreat. Nestled deep within the heart of Wisconsin’s majestic north woods, sitting quaintly along the shoreline of picturesque Lake Minnesuing, this one-of-a-kind getaway can become all yours. WEBSITE:

Located just a stone’s throw outside the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), and Twin Ports (Duluth/Superior), Minnesuing Acres brings companies, families, and friends closer together than ever before. Team building, bonding, brainstorming, planning, celebrating, learning, relaxing, and plain old having fun are all in our nature. Our almost all-inclusive rate (please ask), gives you exclusive access to miles of walking, running, and skiing trails, the complete waterfront, and, the entire lodge. Not to mention delectable meals, appetizers and snacks. Sound to good to be true? Find out for yourself!

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