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#mnEventsProfs -- This Glamorous Photo Mirror will be MAGICAL at Your Next Event!

Updated: Feb 3

The Glamorous Photo Mirror offers the latest Technology in Interactive Picture Taking. These Printed photos are great keepsakes for your guests! Hours and hours of interactive entertainment and engagement for your guests will create lasting memories for years to come!

​Custom Animations and Print Layout allows for that unique touch too! Emoji Stamping & Photo Signing gets those creative juices flowing and MMS Text Photo Sharing helps spread the word.

Creative Props & Accessories will really add to the FUN and the Red Carpet treatment for your guests makes them feel special. This MAGICAL MIRROR EXPERIENCE is a Beautiful Backdrop to compliment your Event Theme.

The Professional & Courteous photo mirror attendants help your guests to have a wonderful experience. And so much more!

The Glamorous Photo Mirror is 3'x5' full length, super sleek and always becomes the main attraction at any event!


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