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What types of Event Planners attend and shop the EVENT Planners+Suppliers EXPO?

Marketers that are considering exhibiting at EVENT EXPO want to know… “What types of Event Planners attend the Minnesota EVENT Planners+Suppliers EXPO?”

All “Event Planners” are not equal.

The Minnesota EVENT Planners+Suppliers EXPO attracts a wide array of professionals in the business of planning, producing, promoting, managing, and supporting LIVE in-person events. These events range from corporate meetings, association conventions, tours, incentive travel trips and excursions, fairs, festivals, city celebrations, fundraisers, galas, weddings, private parties.

What types of planners attend the EVENT EXPO?

Corporate Event Planners – We invite Certified Planners from large corporations like Cargill, Medtronic, 3M, Target, BestBuy etc. Many of these planner have certification from organizations like MPI (Meeting Professionals International) which has the CMP (Certifies Meeting Professional Certification. The CSEPs (Certified Special Events Professional from ILEA (International Live Events Association)

Association Convention and Conference Planners – This type of Event Planner is responsible for planning the associations monthly meetings for education and their annual conference of convention, which often times includes a trade show and multiple seminars, workshops and educational breakout sessions relevant to their industry. Many of these associations have CAE (Certified Association Executive) certification from Associations North.

Wedding Planners – There’s no lack of Wedding Planners. And, they come in multiple levels of expertise and experience. Some do very high end weddings and others work on smaller budgets. Some Wedding Planner even focus on “Destination Weddings” at exotic places such as Bali or Costa Rica. At the EVENT EXPO you will get a chance to meet them face to face and in-person.

Planning Committees of Fairs and Festivals – We invite the planning committees of the plethora of fairs and festivals of Minnesota. These events include the Uptown Art Fair, the Renaissance Festival, Grand Old Day, 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance, Woodbury Days and more! You can see some examples at the MFEA (Minnesota Festival and Events Association) website.

Planning Committees of City Celebrations – This type of planner works with their local city of Chamber of Commerce to plan and produce their local celebration. Examples include, the Fridley 49er Days, the Hopkins Raspberry Festival, Stillwater Lumberjack Days and the list goes on and on. We are inviting the planning committees of multiple cites from in and around the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area to attend the Minnesota EVENT EXPO.

Group Tour Operators – Tourism is big, even in Minnesota, and we invite these professionals to EVENT EXPO. There is the Tour Minnesota Association ( and we invite these people too! These planners may be Tour Operators for places like Paisley Park, Lake and river Cruises, Dinner Theaters, Casinos, and, yep… even the Mall of America.

Incentive Travel Planners – Corporations and Associations use TRAVEL to reward and incentivize people to produce more results. And it works! We invite these travel professionals to EVENT EXPO too. There is an association of Incentive Travel Professionals called SITE and there is a Minnesota Chapter of SITE too.

Independent Planners – This type of planner may work on events for clients or they create and produce their own events. They produce events like New Years Celebrations, Halloween events like ScreamTown, Severs Corn Maze, May Day Parade, Cinco de Mayo events, Fashion Shows, Dance Parties, Expos for Home Improvement or Health and Wellness, The Women’s Expo and even small Craft Fairs and Independent Planners may even help out with large productions like the Minnesota State Fair.

If you are an “Event Supplier” (Vendor) and would like to meet and connect with the plethora of Event Planners in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin then you need to JOIN US and EXHIBIT at the Minnesota EVENT Planners+Suppliers EXPO!


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