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Mike O’Neil, the CEO and Founder of Integrated Alliances

3:30pm - Q&A Presentations 
5:00pm - Mike O'Neil KeyNote

The Integrated Alliances stage features Mike O’Neil, Jen Radke, Janet Johnson and Laura Brandt speaking on social media, modern marketing and lead generation for event industry professionals. Presentations begin at 3:30pm with the keynote by Mike O’Neil at 5pm. A Q&A panel follows.

Navigating LinkedIn
Audiences who use LinkedIn at any level will appreciate the unique insight and actionable items delivered in this highly educational presentation. They get excited to use LinkedIn more, they get a simple roadmap for doing so and they reap the benefits.

Accelerating Sales Success with LinkedIn
Audiences with revenue responsibilities want more business. They want the latest tricks on how to find/engage customers to increase sales, boost margins and shorten sales cycles. They learn how in this address sprinkled with “How To” elements.

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